15 year Old Terrell Brutalised by the Police in UK Over Unconfirmed Theft Allegation

15 year Old Terrell Brutalised by the Police in UK Over Unconfirmed Theft Allegation

Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton was knocked unconscious after he was allegedly “charged” by an officer as he cycled along the road near his home in Bermondsey, south London.

Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton, 15 From South Bermondsey Currently in critical care at a south london hospital after a Dramatic CCTV footage apparently shows a pursuing officer between the hours of 21:30/22:00pm  “rugby tackle” Terrell from his bike before the teenager’s head smashes into the doorway of a chicken shop.


Police say officers were responding to reports of a mobile phone robbery 20 minutes earlier. The female victim had given officers a description of the suspect who fled on a bicycle.


He has no criminal record and no involvement with the police. Terrell was beaten up by police and hospitalized

On his way to the hospital; in the ambulance, he had a seizure, it has been confirmed that he has bruising on the brain and the bone inside his gum has been broken, he has lost teeth and is suffering from abdominal pain (which denotes trauma to the stomach).

The Independent Police Complaints Commission today appealed for witnesses and anyone with video of the incident to come forward.

A spokesman said the boy was today in a stable condition in hospital.

Terrell’s mother Shereen Jones released an image on social media of her son in King’s College hospital with a bloody face showing him with a split lip.


Ms Jones, 35, a carer, said her son, a Year 11 Bacon’s College student, had not been in trouble with police before.

She said: “I get in the ambulance and all I can see is his face just shattered, just completely disfigured. He looked like a dead person, that’s how bad he looked.

“I almost didn’t recognise him. I burst into tears.”

Ms Jones said she had spoken to her eldest son by phone just minutes before he was stopped on Tuesday, reminding him not to break his strict 9.30pm school-night curfew.

She added: “He was rushing to get home so he wouldn’t be grounded for the next week. They got out of the car and slammed him against the shop.

“It’s outrageous. He looks like a grown man, but he’s my little boy. It was a case of mistaken identity.”

Witnesses described the moment officers intervened as they stopped the cyclist in Southwark Park Road at 9.27pm, about three quarters of a mile from the scene of the reported robbery near Rotherhithe station.

Bogdan Sadowski, 52, who works in a curry house on Southwark Park Road, said: “The officer was very aggressive. The boy’s head slammed into the door and he was out cold. I thought he was dead.”

His colleague T.A Raju added: “The kid didn’t even know what was happening and he rugby tackled him into the glass. There was blood everywhere.”

An IPCC spokesman said: “The Met made a mandatory referral to the IPCC which is now investigating the incident. IPCC investigators were deployed to the scene and attended post incident procedures.”


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